Carli Schultz

member_125026122The sparkle of glass was something that resonated with me long before I was old enough to own something made of glass. At age seven my parents took me to the Corning Glass Museum and I was completely smitten – in awe of the wizards that turned something that looked like slow-flowing water into sculptured poodles and fish. It was only years later when I realized that the work of the Corning artists was now something within my own reach. Glass is an expression, a communication with the world, an escape into other universes that exist nowhere else except inside the glitter of glass.

My work begins with a selection of colors, but eventually, part of the control is given up to the medium itself. Glass behaves like water when molten, and while you can shape the path of a river with stones and sticks, the water eventually makes a decision on the direction of its journey.
I feel that glass and my work are in symbiosis and communication with each other, creating a final piece that is a melding of my own vision, and the journey the molten glass chooses to follow.

Carli Schultz - Ladybug: Glass, copper, sterling

Ladybug Pendant

Glass can be made by nature or made by humans, and is one of the most enduring materials a human can create with. Sharing the joy of a glass creation and seeing someone else light up when they look into my small worlds is one of the best gifts of my art. Something about glass is inviting to everyone, at almost every age.

Blending glass with metals, copper and silver, has been my recent path to stretch the medium further. Working with organic shapes and patterns frees me from striving to be perfect in my symmetry, while allowing for happy accidents and wondrous challenges. Creating in fire feels primal and wild, yet disciplined and requiring commitment to learn to talk to glass in its own language. Working bigger expands my physical pieces as it expands and challenges my brain, and I am beginning to take my work bigger than my usual studio space allows. By working in a medium so old, and a discipline so ancient, I reach to the future with one hand, while standing in the footsteps of so many glass artists behind me, stretching back into time for thousands of years.

Carli Schultz - Blue: glass, sterling silver

Blue Eye Necklace