David Waite


Artist Statement:

I have 50 years of experience in multiple media including Acrylic and Oils on canvas; Pen & Ink and Mobile structures. I have also been a musician and vocalist my entire life, concentrating mainly in folk and rock, playing guitar, percussion and some keyboard.

I am currently working in a mainly abstract digitally-enhanced photographic medium. Although I have only been exhibiting my current work for a year, I have been honored to be shown in several galleries, including The Madaras Gallery in Tucson, AZ, The Rehs Contemporary in NY, NY and the Freed Gallery at Siletz Bay, OR. My work is currently displayed at The Art On Broadway Gallery in Beaverton, OR and at the Pacific Artists Association Gallery in Lincoln City, OR.

It is important to me to bring a unique experience to the viewer on my work. Color, texture and compelling imagery are fundamental. I wish to evoke a feeling that captures people’s imagination and moves them away from the mundane, to a place more fanciful….more beautiful.

Historical Precedent