Rae Campbell


In February of 2011 I got a call from Joni Mitchell, one of the partners at Art on Broadway, who had reviewed some of my glass work that was on my website. I then joined the Art On Broadway in March of that year. I have been working with glass since 1999 and there is something magical that happens when you introduce cold glass to a hot flame or kiln, it goes from something shapeless into a wonderful work of art.  My glass pieces are both functional, such as serving bowls, plates, or other items for entertainment purposes, and art for tabletops or to display on the wall.


I have been referred to being All about Drama, and I guess that is true to an extent. I love the drama of the way glass is formed, and the process of glass becoming art. As an artist, I get a lot of enjoyment when I am creating my art, and also when I am able to share with others this experience and see the joy on their faces when they either purchase a piece or create a piece of art they love.


I love the process of learning new techniques and processes when working with glass. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many new things to learn, and then take what I have learned and share with my students to improve their glasswork techniques. It is very rewarding for them to also experiences that Ahhh ha moment.

Website: http://www.raecampbell.com/