Roberta Cohen


I never thought that I was the creative type. In college I pursued math and computer courses, not art. But after being a stay at home mom for about 15 years, my skills were rather obsolete. I decide I wanted to try something different.  A friend’s mother made jewelry and offered to get me started. At first I thought I would just make a few things for myself. But after a while, I discovered that I really enjoyed the process of designing and making jewelry. I started taking classes and found jewelry making books and magazines that introduce me to new techniques. The last 10 years have been a journey of finding my creative side and exploring different facets of jewelry making.

Jewelry 007

Most of my jewelry is made with wire, beads and crystals. I work primarily in sterling and fine silver, but I also make some copper pieces. I have a HUGE collection of unique glass beads and Swarovski crystals. Every time I look at them I get inspired to create something new that will showcase their beauty.