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“FORM:free” – Blaine Johnson & Heather John

Join us in July and August for an intriguing featured artist show
that will combine new abstract paintings from Blaine Johnson along
with Heather John’s unique sterling silver jewelry. Both will focus on
organic forms and free composition, thus the title “FORM:free.”
Blaine’s pieces will range in size from 6×6” to 30×40” on gallery-wrap
canvas. Heather will be presenting necklaces, earrings, and rings
incorporating lost wax casting and lapidary work.

Blaine Johnson approaches art as a form of expression. He says “I
try to convey feeling and emotion in my abstract designs. With heavy
focus on color fields and intuitive mark-making, I generally start
with an image or construct that allows me to express myself
authentically. I attune my process to employ maximum spontaneity and
intuition, while reigning in my excitement with solid composition and
tested application of paint. My sincere hope is that each observer
finds in my paintings the sentiment and expression that rings true for
them individually. “

Heather John shares, “This is an exciting time for me in my
craft—being open to learning and trying new techniques and pushing my
designs to incorporate them (a humbling yet rewarding experience, for
sure). This new jewelry collection brings together my new loves of
stone cutting and lost wax casting to freely create elements that are
expressions of my sensibilities as an artist—using asymmetry and
organic geometric forms—to create pieces that are wearable yet
unexpected. Each of the pieces is made using a mix of new and
tried-and-true techniques and materials that feel fresh to me. I hope you also enjoy this moment of my journey.”

This two month exhibit opens Tuesday, July 3 and ends Saturday,
September 1, 2018.

The gallery will host an artist reception Saturday,
July 14, 2018 from 5:00-7:00pm.