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on April 14th, Michael Kelly will talk about the nature of the horse race event and why the imagery is important to him and his work. He will also give some history of how the horse race became a choice of subject for him.

Please join us on Saturday, April 14th, for coffee and talk to start at 5:30pm



“The Sport of Kings” – Michael Kelly


Award-winning artist, Michael Kelly, is featured at Art On Broadway Gallery for the months of March and April; he brings his latest collection of mixed media paintings to the gallery in a show titled, “The Sport of Kings.”


The show opens on March 7 and continues through April 28. An Artist’s Reception to celebrate Michael and his latest work will be held on March 10, followed by a special presentation by Michael on April 14. Both events are free and scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m.

Michael’s work is always bold and timeless, full of energy and movement, confidently rendered, and worthy of attention from the viewer. All the excitement of horse racing is depicted in these outstanding paintings. Please stop by the gallery during one of the events or during regular business hours – Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 5.