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“Citiscapes” – Beate Scheller

About her show, Beate says:
“This is the first time I have had my “Cityscapes” featured in a show, but it is an ongoing process, which always fascinates me. Inspiration comes from my travels, my background of design, and the study of urban landscape in Germany. I do print existing places, but the unreal locations still seem established, too. Through my images I want to invite the viewer to find similarities with places they know or are reminded of. Mostly I combine lines and pattern to create images. They develop into shapes of doors, building fronts, roofs or houses. Gardens and indoor features inspire me for an image as well.

I create my prints through the use of multiple Drypoint and Etching plates with unusual shapes and sizes, sometimes adding Chine Collé or colored ink to give them their unique appearances. In 2018 I was accepted for the Tualatin Visual Chronicle to create a commission work of three drypoint prints. They are a combination of different features of the city, woven together. Years back at a residency in Bulgaria, I created the combination of images of the Capital City called “A Glimpse of Sofia”.

Because this is work in progress, I am always looking forward to which places – real or fantasy – come up next. One of my goals is to do more prints of the places and cities I have visited, to capture my point of view about them, and that the viewers will want to explore visually.”
This two month exhibit is opening Wednesday, November 7 and ending Saturday, December 28, 2018. The gallery will host two artist receptions, Saturday, November 10 and Saturday December 8, 2018 from 5:00-7:00pm.