Elizabeth Bamberger

Elizabeth BambergerI am a fiber artist, originally from England, but I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon for the past seventeen years, with a detour of some thirteen years in Latin America before that. I’ve worked as a community development organizer, taught ESL, and worked as a sociologist on gender and community participation issues.



Now I’m happily retired and loving having the time to explore fiber arts, especially art quilting and mixed media. I love to create my own designs, and to push the limits by rusting, painting and dyeing fabric, and creating texture using thread and all kinds of fabric.

Sunspots – Elizabeth Bamberger

My recent work is becoming increasingly abstract. I currently create cityscapes, landscapes that explore the soaring high rock formations of the Oregon High Desert, and pieces that explore the various dimensions of the past and memory.

Where the City Meets the High Desert – Elizabeth Bamberger

Website: www.elizabethbamberger.com