Linda J Baker

3P9020006aWhen I create a painting, I carry out every aspect of the “craft” of oil painting  including cutting, stretching, mounting and preparing the canvas to accept oil paint.  I choose pigments and brushes that each serve a particular function.  When the painting is finished, I varnish and frame each painting. 

I paint from life, whether in the studio or plein air, because this gives me an immediacy of experience… of form, light and color… that I can translate into paint on a canvas   I try to convey what I see when I stop looking at the world in a casual and remote way and instead see things intensely and immediately. I want  to create an emotional experience that comes from seeing some elusive or unrecognized beauty in an object person or scene.  For me, art is unveiling the potential beauty of what we see around us.

ljbaker summer lake in Fall 11x14I am attracted to representational forms of fine art and study the “old masters” passionately.  The nature of oil painting is fascinating to me because the paint itself becomes an important part of how the artist communicates his or her vision.  Expressing a 3-dimensional world on a 2-dimensional canvas with paint, provides a challenge that keeps me growing as an artist every day.

ljbaker a little fall 8x10