Patricia Rehm

For this artist, the process of wet-felting has intrigued, beckoned, and captivated me.

This two-handed medium requiring motion and pressure to encourage the fibers into action, creates a perfect pathway for expressing a love of color, texture, shape and possibilities.

An unpredictability of the migrating action of natural fibers,  when coupled with warm soapy suds and hands-on agitation, creates magic.  It is this quality that provides a sense of surprise and wonder as the mystery of each piece reveals itself.

For many years, exploring the nature and potential of felted fibers has allowed this native Oregonian a limitless pallet of possibilities.  Wearable art, sculpted vessels, quiet, strong, vibrantly colorful carriers from totes to opera bags are some.  Tea cozies, oven mitts, wine sleeves  offer even more functional pieces.  Incorporating hand-dyed silks and cotton gauze, felted beads, and needle felted embellishments into the mix provide further possibilities and pleasure in the exploration.  











Fascinated by the organic quality, structural integrity, limitless shapes and the wide range of application, the wet-felting process captured me by the end of my first felting class at Oregon College of Arts and Craft with Faith Hagenhofer in 2001.  It’s been a joyous journey from the start.

Being involved in the art scene most of my life with singing, designing, crafting and teaching stained glass, creating mixed fiber pieces and teaching felting techniques from my home studio, the ongoing adventure continues.

Holding a passion for artistic endeavor that couples nature’s gifts and a will to create harmony, tranquility, and beauty.   In this very intense time where the heart longs for ears that hear, art, created with love, can penetrate the boundaries.