Russell J. Young

My nature photography is a reflection of the peace and the quietness of breath that one finds beyond the grandeur and grace of expansive vistas. The photographs capture a moment and a sense of place, reflecting a deeper longing of the human experience.


These nature photographs come from a revelatory, wanderer’s process, seeking to bring forth that which is at once penetrating and immersive. As they reveal a view, they also invite you to witness and experience nature in a raw timelessness. One that calls to the innate longing of the human spirit. Even in the city, peacefulness and tranquility can be found by looking to nature: in the dawn, in the twilight, and in the depths of night, places of quiet and stillness still exist.

I produce all my prints in my Portland studio. My process of Fine Art printing has taken 10 + years of study and adjustment to perfect, coming from a mix of technology, alchemy and diligence. Each paper has a mood and style inspired by the content and color palette of a given photograph. Initially, all images are printed as test prints on 8”x10” wood fiber paper, then destroyed. In the final stage, I use a cotton rag paper for my artist’s proofs, which provides a color tone and texture suitable for illuminating the qualities of the original photograph. The final edition prints are then printed on a 100+ year archival cotton rag paper using only archival pigmented inks. My final prints are edition numbered, titled, dated and signed. Print editions vary with each collection.

In the field, I carry high-resolution digital cameras and an array of lenses ranging anywhere from 16mm to 800mm. Each image is the reward of persistence and patience, born from a solitary closeness with nature, a particular destination, a specific moment, often coming out of countless hours spent with heavy gear, standing in adverse weather, waiting for just the right light to fall.

It is my hope that in this process of seeing and experiencing, we might identify a piece of ourselves that has been forgotten, or that has never before been seen. By connecting visually and emotionally with images of a restful natural environment and attuning our senses we can allow for the silence, the secrets, and the bare beauty to be present with us.

Website: Russell Young